Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) are experienced middle or senior leaders who have a track record of school improvement and at least two years’ experience in a particular area of expertise.

SLEs partake in a variety of activities to aid school improvement, some of which include:

* Undertaking research projects

* School visits and audits

* Coaching and/ or mentoring staff from other schools

* Running staff meetings or other training

SLEs can engage in as much or little work as they and their school feel comfortable with. It is a collaborative experience, and the WCTS work alongside SLEs to ensure they are confident and well-informed before undertaking any work.

If you are interested in becoming an SLE, you must fill out the application form during the relevant recruitment round. Schools will be informed about each round with sufficient notice. Please see the SLE application guidance (PDF, 283KB, 8 pages) and the application form for reference only.

For more information about becoming an SLE, please contact us using the contacts page.

SLE application form

SLE application guidance