Meet The Team

Brett Dye.jpg

Brett Dye - Director

National Leader in Education, Hub leader of SPCMAT, Experienced Headteacher.

Katie Bevan.jpg

Katie Cotterill - WCTS Lead

Katie is an Assistant Headteacher and a Specialist Leader of Education for Maths, she manages a lot of our CPD and works to find and deliver the best training for our local schools. Katie is currently on maternity leave and has been working hard with Sarah to ensure she can continue her work

Sarah Richards.jpg

Sarah Richards - WCTS LEAD

Sarah is leading our day to day operations while Katie is on maternity leave.

Naomi Tostdevine.jpg

Naomi TostDEVINE - WCTS AdministratoR

Naomi runs our course bookings and produces a lot of our publicity, a former school secretary she is now training towards her AAT and is set to leave us this summer.